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Research  is a central component of the mission of our department. Our faculty lead globally significant research programs in basic and applied problems, giving students opportunities to participate in the fundamental creation and dissemination of a knowledge base that sustains the knowledge ecosystem. We view research as an integral component of higher education, and strive to integrate the research of our scientists with the educational experiences of our students.  In research, we seek to sustain and grow a resource platform that continues to enable our scientists to contribute at high levels to internationally significant research problems in Geosciences. In education, we strive to provide students with opportunities to discover and develop relevant knowledge and skillsets that will enable them to achieve their professional goals. We believe that creative integration of research with education will promote excellence in both.

While the research directions of our scientists evolve with the state of knowledge, our research programs are centered in our core strengths of Geology, Geophysics, and Earth Surface Dynamics. Web pages of individual faculty members highlight specific research programs within these core strengths.

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