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Marion Lytle

Research Scientist – Biotrace Lab

  • Ph.D.| University of Rhode Island, 2013
  • B.S.| Miami University of Ohio, 2007


My research interests focus on mantle geochemistry (major and trace elements, and volatiles) from a variety of tectonic settings and sample types including basalts and melt inclusions.

In the BioTrace Lab, we are equipped with a variety of instrumentation to analyze aqueous and solid phase environmental samples. Sample analysis can be conducted with a Thermo X-Series II Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer coupled with an ESI autosampler and a New Wave Nd-YAG laser ablation system, a Thermo Flash EA, and a Lachat Auto Analyzer.  Sample preparation methods include solid phase digestions and leaches using microwaves, flux and Parr bomb methods, and whole rock fusions.

Contact Information

Lytle portrait
Office: ERB 5156
Phone: 208-426-1121
Fax: 208-426-4061