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Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations indicated below are for former students who McNamara was the primary adviser (or co-adviser). For a complete listing of theses and dissertations, please visit the Department of Geosciences Theses & Dissertations.

NameYearDegreeTitle [Call #]Major Adviser(s)
Garst, Rebecca2017M.S. Hydrologic Science Using Mountain Snowpack to Predict Summer Water Availability in Semiarid Mountain WatershedsJames McNamara
Rey, Kellie2016M.S Hydrologic Science Using Stable Isotope Hyrdology to Partition Evapotranspiration in the Sage SteppeMatt Germino
(Co-advisor James McNamara)
Geisler, Ethan2016M.S. Hydrologic Science Riparian Zone Evapotranspiration Using Streamflow Diel SignalsJames McNamara
McCutcheon, Ryan2015M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Stable Isotopes Reveal a Disconnect Between Biotic and Abiotic Hydrological Processes in a Seasonally-Dry, Semi-Arid WatershedJames McNamara
Parham, William2015M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Spatial and Temporal Storage Dynamics Moderate the Ecohydrologic Significance of Evapotranspiration in Semi-Arid, Mountainous TerrainJames McNamara
Boe, Erik2013M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Assessing Local Snow Variability Using a Network of Ultrasonic Snow Depth SensorsJames McNamara
Frye, Alex2013M.S. Hydrologic SciencesThe Persistence of Losing and Gaining StreamsJames McNamara
Kormos, Patrick2013Ph.D. GeoscienceEstimating Deep Percolation in the Mountain Rain-Snow Transition ZoneJames McNamara
Burnop, Alison C.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesAssessing the Value of Improved Snow Information in Operational Hydrologic ModelsJames McNamara
Eiriksson, David P.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesThe Hydrologic Significance of Lateral Water Flow through SnowJames McNamara
Shallcross, Alden T.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesLiDAR Investigations of Snow Distribution in Mountainous TerrainJames McNamara
Anderson, Brian T.2011M.S. Hydrologic SciencesSpatial Distribution and Evolution of a Seasonal Snowpack in Complex Terrain: An Evaluation of the Snodas Modeling ProjectJames McNamara
Warden, Ryan E.2011M.S. Hydrologic SciencesTemporal and Spatial Analysis of Stream and Groundwater InteractionsJames McNamara
LaMontagne, Aurele2009M.S. Hydrologic SciencesCharacterization and Quantification of Ground Heat Flux for Late Season Shallow Snow. [GB 2603.2 .L36]James McNamara
Whitson, Michael D.2009M.S. Hydrologic SciencesLateral water redistribution during spring snowmelt and simulated rain-on-snow events. [GB 0991 I2 W55]James McNamara
Wilson, Jennifer S.2009M.S. Hydrologic SciencesA geochemical investigation of groundwater sources, Blackfoot River, Idaho. [GB 0705 .I2 W55]James McNamara
Hoffman, Bernadette A.2008M.S. GeologyScale and heterogeneity in hydraulic properties of the fractured granitic Boise front, Boise, Idaho. [GB 1025 .I2 H64]James McNamara
Homan, Joel W.2008M.S. Hydrologic SciencesThe Development and Evaluation of Ground, Model, and Satellite-based Snowmelt Depletion Curves. [GB 0980 H65]James McNamara
Stratton, Benjamin T.2008M.S. Hydrologic SciencesEvaluation of the spatially varying water balance process in a semi-arid mountainous watershed of Idaho using the soil water assessment tool (SWAT) model. [GB 0705 .I2 s77]Sridhar Venkataramana
(McNamara Co-Advisor)
Thoma, Michael2008M.S. GeologyInvestigating Recharging Routes to the Treasure Valley Aquifer System, Idaho using Noble Gas Thermometry. [GB 1197.77 .T48]James McNamara
Abdelmasih, Daniella Makram Morgos2006M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Influence of Saturated Wedge Hydrodynamics on Hillslope-Stream Connectivity. [GB 0705 .I2 M67]James McNamara
Aishlin, Pamella Sarah2006M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Groundwater Recharge Estimation Using Chloride Mass Balance Dry Creek Experimental Watershed. [GB 1197.7 A39]James McNamara
Grant, Laura2005M.S. GeophysicsDistribution of Soil Water Dynamics in a Small Mountain Catchment. [S 0594 G73]James McNamara
Kormos, Patrick2005M.S. GeologyAccounting for time and space variations of [delta]¹⁸O in a snowmelt isotopic hydrograph separation in the Boise Front. [GB 0991 I2 K67]James McNamara
Procsal, Michael2005M.S. GeologyDevelopment of an areal snow depletion curve in the Dry Creek Experimental Watershed using MODIS Satellite Imagery and the Utah Energy Balance Snow Accumulation and Melt Model. [GB 0991 I2 P76]James McNamara
Ragan, Brian2005M.S. GeologyRill Erosion: Evidence for Adjustments in Hill-Slope Hydrology After Wildfire. [S 0623 R34]James McNamara
Rothwell, Eric2005M.S. GeologyThe Influence of Hyporheic Flow on the Temperature of a Riffle-Step-Pool Stream. [GB 1398.8 I2 R68]James McNamara
Williams, Christopher J.2005M.S. Geology Characterization of the Spatial and Temporal Controls on Soil Moisture and Streamflow Generation in a Semi-arid Headwater Catchment. [GB 1197.7 W525]James McNamara
Yenko, Melissa2003M.S. GeologyHydrometric and Geochemical Evidence of Streamflow Sources in the Upper Dry Creek Experimental Watershed, Southwestern Idaho. [GB 0991 I2 Y46]James McNamara
Best, Heather R.2002M.S. GeophysicsThe Influence of Ice on Channel Morphology of the Kuparuk River, AlaskaJames McNamara
Borden, John2001M.S. GeologyA Comparison of Sediment Monitoring to Sediment Facies Mapping in the Middle Fork Payette River, Central Idaho. [TC 0425 P39 B67]James McNamara