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Our research involves extensive collaborations with individuals and groups within the Department of Geosciences, throughout the University, and around the world. This page highlights the staff, students, and postdocs working directly with Dr. McNamara.

Research Director

mcnamaraphoto2-300x225James P. McNamara
Professor, Department of Geosciences


aishlin2Pam Aishlin
Research Scientist

Research Team Members

  • Graduate Students:
    McNamara as Primary Adviser

    fergusonKara Ferguson
    Degree Seeking: MS Hydrologic Science
    Working Thesis Title: From Snow to Flow
    Bio: Kara received a BS in Geology from Boise State University…



    geislerEthan Geisler
    Degree Seeking: MS Hydrologic Science
    Working Thesis Title:



    Graduate Students (McNamara as Primary Advisor or Co-Advisor):
    • Pam Aishlin (MS Hydrologic Science 2006)
    • Brian Anderson (MS Hydrologic Science 2011)
    • Elyse Begnoche (MS Earth Science 2013)
    • Heather Best (MS Geophysics 2002)
    • Eric Boe (MS Hydrologic Science 2013)
    • John Carter Borden (MS Geology 2001)
    • Alison Burnop (MS Hydrologic Science 2012)
    • Dave Eiriksson (MS Hydrologic Science 2012)
    • Alex Frye (MS Hydrologic Science 2013)
    • Laura Grant (MS Geophysics 2005)
    • Bernadette Hoffman (MS Geology 2008)
    • Joel Homan (MS Hydrologic Science 2008)
    • Patrick Kormos (MS Geology 2005)
    • Patrick Kormos (PhD Geoscience 2013)
    • Aurele LaMontagne (MS Hydrologic Science 2009)
    • Daniella Makram-Morgos (MS Hydrologic Science 2006)
    • Ryan McCutcheon (MS Hydrologic Science 2015)
    • Will Parham (MS Hydologic Science 2015)
    • Michael Procsal (MS Geology 2005)
    • Brian Ragan (MS Geology 2005)
    • Eric Rothwell (MS Geology 2005)
    • Alden Shallcross (MS Hydrologic Science 2012)
    • Benjamin T. Stratton (MS Hydrologic Science 2008)
    • Michael Thoma (MS Geology 2008)
    • Ryan Warden (MS Hydrologic Science 2011)
    • Michael Whitson (MS Hydrologic Science 2009)
    • Jason Williams (MS Geology 2005)
    • Jennifer Wilson (MS Hydrologic Science 2009)
    • Melissa Yenko (MS Geology 2003)
    • David Chandler
    • Shiva Achet
    • Irina Forkutsa
    • Chris Graham