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ELEMENTS issues “One Hundred Years of Geochronology”

ELEMENTS issues “One Hundred Years of Geochronology”

The science of isotope geochronology turns 100 years old in 2013 and at the recommendation of IGL Director Mark Schmitz and British scientist Dan Condon, Elements magazine is marking the anniversary with the theme “One Hundred Years of Geochronology.”

The series of articles in Elements attempts to cover the current state of the art in the field of radio-isotopic dating — from the challenges of dating the solar system’s oldest materials to resolving the record of Quaternary climate change, and the 4.5 billion years in between.

Schmitz co-authored one of the magazine articles, “High-Precision Geochronology,” with Klaudia Kuiper of the Vrjie University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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