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Theses and Dissertations

Geoscience Theses and Dissertations (1986-2013) are provided below. Please see ScholarWorks@BSU for a complete listing of theses and dissertations.

NameYearDegreeTitle [Call #]Major Adviser(s)
Colwell, Clinton R.2013M.S. GeophysicsIntegrated Geophysical Exploration of a Known Geothermal Resource: Neal Hot Springs.Lee M. Liberty
Kormos, Patrick R.2013Ph.D. GeosciencesEstimating Deep Percolation in the Mountain Rain-Snow Transition ZoneJames McNamara
Tappa, Daniel J.2013M.S. Hydrologic SciencesIsotopic Composition of Precipitation in a Topographically Complex, Seasonally Snow-Dominated Watershed: Hydrometeorological Controls and Variations from the Global Meteoric Water LineAlejandro Flores
Boe, Eric2013M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Assessing Local Snow Variability Using a Network of Ultrasonic Snow Depth SensorsJames McNamara
Walters, Reggie2013M.S. Hydrologic SciencesTransfer of Snow Information across the Macro-to-Hillslope-Scale Gap Using a Physiographic Downscaling Approach: Implications for Hydrologic Modeling in Semiarid, Seasonally Snow-Dominated WatershedsAlejandro Flores
Ware, Bryant D.2013M.S. GeologyAge, Provenance, and Structure of the Weatherby Formation, Eastern Izee Sub-Basin, Blue Mountains Province, Oregon and IdahoMark Schmitz
Carlisle, Catherine J.2013M.S. GeophysicsPattern Recognition in Earthquake Swarms from the 2009 Eruption of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska.Paul Michaels
Shirley, Emerald K.2013M.S. Geology A Precambrian History of Cratonic North American Crust Beneath the Snake River Plain, IdahoMark Schmitz
Shallcross, Alden T.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesLiDAR Investigations of Snow Distribution in Mountainous TerrainJames McNamara
Mikesell, Thomas D.2012Ph.D. GeophysicsSubsurface Characterization Using Head-Wave Artifacts in Seismic InterferometryKasper van Wijk
Hinz, Emily A.2012Ph.D. GeophysicsUtilizing Electrical Conductivity for Characterizing Hydrogeologic PropertiesJohn Bradford
Riley, Kerry E.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesA 14,000-Year Record of Wildfire and Alluvial Fan Deposition Reveal Relationships Among Fire, Climate, Vegetation, and Sediment Yields in the Middle Fork Salmon River, IdahoJen Pierce
Weppner, Kerrie N.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesClimate Drivers and Landscape Response: Holocene Fire, Vegetation, and Erosion at City of Rocks National Reserve, IdahoJen Pierce
Poulos, Michael J.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesHillslope Asymmetry Maps Reveal Widespread, Multi-Scale OrganizationsJen Pierce
Burnop, Alison C.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesAssessing the Value of Improved Snow Information in Operational Hydrologic ModelsJames McNamara
Eiriksson, David P.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesThe Hydrologic Significance of Lateral Water Flow through SnowJames McNamara
Stark, Brian J.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesAssessing Eolian Dust Inputs to Soils in Dry Creek Experimental Watershed, SW Idaho
Shawn Benner
Fagan, Deborah K.2012M.S. GeophysicsStatistical Clustering of Microseismic Event Spectra to Identify Subsurface StructureKasper van Wijk
Austreng, Andrew C.2012M.S. Hydrologic SciencesThe Carbon Budget Impact of Sagebrush DegradationShawn Benner
Otheim, Larry Thomas2012M.S. GeophysicsMonitoring CO2 Sequestration in Basalt with Elastic WavesLudmila Adam
Brown, Joel M.2012Ph.D. GeophysicsNon-Destructively Mapping the In-Situ Hydrologic Properties of Snow, Firn, and Glacial Ice with GeoradarJohn Bradford
Johnson, Brady A.2011M.S. Hydrologic SciencesEvapotranspiration in the Riparian Zone of the Lower Boise River with Implications for Groundwater FlowWarren Barrash
Sousa, Jessica L.2011M.S. GeologyMeasuring the Rate of Garnet Growth: Implications for the Difficulties of Using RB-SR for Garnet ChronologyMatthew Kohn
Warden, Ryan E.2011M.S. Hydrologic SciencesTemporal and Spatial Analysis of Stream and Groundwater InteractionsJames McNamara
Hanson, Brian2011M.S. Hydrologic SciencesIsotopic and Geochemical Investigation into the Origin of Elevated Uranium Concentrations in Treasure Valley Ground and Surface Waters, IdahoShawn Benner
Anderson, Brian T.2011M.S. Hydrologic SciencesSpatial Distribution and Evolution of a Seasonal Snowpack in Complex Terrain: An Evaluation of the Snodas Modeling ProjectJames McNamara
Kenworthy, Megan K.2011M.S. Hydrologic SciencesOptically Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Gravelly Alluvial Fan Deposits: Links Between Climate and Geomorphic Response in the Lost River Range, IdahoJen Pierce
Vetz, Nicholas Q.2011M.S. GeologyGeochronologic and Isotopic Investigation of the Koipato Formation, Northwestern Great Basin, Nevada: Implications for Late Permian-Early Triassic Tectonics Along the Western U.S. CordilleraWalter Snyder
Sundell, Ander J.2011M.S. GeologyThe Variscan Orogen in Sardinia Italy: Insights into the Late Stage Deformation as Evidenced in the Lago Mulargia RegionC.J. Northrup
Tumpane, Kyle P.2010M.S. GeologyAge and isotopic investigations of the Olds Ferry terrane and its relations to other terranes of the Blue Mountains Province, eastern Oregon and west-central Idaho. [QE156.B57 T86]Mark Schmitz
Nichols, Joshua D.2010M.S. GeophysicsCharacterization of Englacial Voids Using Radar Velocity AnisotrophyJohn Bradford
Wilkins, Joshua D.2010M.S. GeologyStructural and Stratigraphic Age Constraints of the Inskip Formation, East Range, Nevada: Implications for Mesozoic Tectonics of Western North America.
C.J. Northrup
Kurz, Gene A2010Ph.D. GeosciencesGeochemical, Isotopic, and U-Pb Geochronologic Investigations of Intrusive Basement Rocks from the Wallowa and Olds Ferry Arc Terranes, Blue Mountains Province, Oregon-IdahoC.J. Northrup & Mark Schmitz
Corrie, Stacey L.2010Ph.D. GeosciencesGeochemical and geochronological constraints on the tectonothermal history of the central and eastern Nepal Himalaya : implications for thermal-mechanical modelsMatt Kohn
Smith, Toni J.2010M.S. Hydrologic SciencesUsing soil moisture trends across topographic gradients to examine controls on semi-arid ecosystem dynamics. [S594 .S63 2010]Shawn Benner
Svenson, Lar O.2010M.S. GeologyFire and climate in a lodgepole forest of central Idaho: annual, decadal, centennial and millennial perspectives. [SD390.7.C55 S85 2010]Jen Pierce
Ladd, Katrina E.2010M.S. Civil EngineeringIdentifying controls on surface carbon dioxide efflux in a semi-arid ecosystem [S594.3 .L33 2010]George Murgel & Shawn Benner
Geroy, Ivan J.2010M.S. Civil EngineeringFactors Influencing Soil Moisture at the Hillslope Scale in a Semi-Arid Mountainous EnvironmentMolly Gribb
Whitson, Michael D.2009M.S. Hydrologic SciencesLateral water redistribution during spring snowmelt and simulated rain-on-snow events. [GB 0991 I2 W55]James McNamara
Wilson, Jennifer S.2009M.S. Hydrologic SciencesA geochemical investigation of groundwater sources, Blackfoot River, Idaho. [GB 0705 .I2 W55]James McNamara
Dack, Ashley V.2009M.S. GeologyInternal Structure and Geochronology of the Gerrei unit in the Flumendosa area, Variscan external Nappe Zone, Sardina, Italy. [QE 0508 .D32]C.J. Northrup
Khatiwada, Murari2009M.S. GeophysicsNumerical modeling of time-lapse seismic experiments to monitor CO2 sequestration in a layered basalt reservoir. [TN 0269.8 .K48]Kasper van Wijk
LaMontagne, Aurele2009M.S. Hydrologic SciencesCharacterization and Quantification of Ground Heat Flux for Late Season Shallow Snow. [GB 2603.2 .L36]James McNamara
Nelson, Nathan A.2009M.S. GeologyHolocene fire and climate in rangeland and ecosystems of southwestern Idaho. [QC 0884.5 U6 N45]Jen Pierce
Busbee, Montague2008M.S. Hydrologic SciencesFactors controlling the concentration of arsenic in the Treasure Valley Shallow Aquifer, Idaho. [TD 0427 .A77 B87]Shawn Benner
Homan, Joel W.2008M.S. Hydrologic SciencesThe Development and Evaluation of Ground, Model, and Satellite-based Snowmelt Depletion Curves. [GB 0980 H65]James McNamara
Stratton, Benjamin T.2008M.S. Hydrologic SciencesEvaluation of the spatially varying water balance process in a semi-arid mountainous watershed of Idaho using the soil water assessment tool (SWAT) model. [GB 0705 .I2 s77]James McNamara
Thoma, Michael2008M.S. GeologyInvestigating Recharging Routes to the Treasure Valley Aquifer System, Idaho using Noble Gas Thermometry. [GB 1197.77 .T48]James McNamara
Brosten, Troy R. 2008Ph.D. GeophysicsGround-penetrating radar and thermal modeling of active layer thaw beneath Arctic streams [GB645.A4 B76 2008]John Bradford
Hoffman, Bernadette A.2008M.S. GeologyScale and heterogeneity in hydraulic properties of the fractured granitic Boise front, Boise, Idaho. [GB 1025 .I2 H64]James McNamara
Chakravarthy, Gottumukkula Vijaya Raghavendra2008Ph.D. GeophysicsLove wave propagation in viscoelastic media. [QC809.E5 C49 2008]Paul Michaels
Rivera, Tiffany A.2008M.S. GeologyA geochemical and multi-isotopic approach to determine mantle source and petrogenesis of late Cenozoic basalts in the Western Snake River Plain, Idaho. [QE 0462 B3 R58]Craig White & Mark Schmitz
Miller, Carlyle R.2007Ph.D. GeophysicsInversion and Resolution Analysis of Electromagnetic Data: Examples from Geothermal and Watershed Characterization. [QC 0808.5 M55]Partha Routh
Alexander, Jeremy2007M.S. GeologyGeochronology of the House Mountian Gneiss Complex in the Atlanta Lobe of the Idaho Batholith. [QE 611.5 U6 A44]Mark Schmitz
Ganguly, Somenath2007M.S. Hydrologic SciencesGround water modeling of an arsenic contaminated sandy aquifer with response to transient river level, Mekong Delta, Cambodia. [TD 0427 .A77 G36]Shawn Benner
Pool, Laura2007M.S. GeophysicsDetermination of Hydraulic Conductivity from SH-Waves. [GB 1197.7 P66]Paul Michaels
Nelson, Gregory2007M.S. GeophysicsDeterministic Modeling of Bromide Tracer Transport During the Tracer/Time-Lapse Radar Imaging Test at the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site in August 2001. [GB 1197.7 N45]Warren Barrash
Lenhartzen, Valerie J.2007M.S. GeologyDendroclimatological Reconstruction of Streamflow Variability in a small, semi-arid Mountain Catchment. [GB 1225 I2 L46]David Wilkins
Kurz, Kimberly R.2007M.S. GeologyEmplacement and Compositional Variations of the Dikes at Sinker Butte Volcano, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho. [QE 0611.5 U6 K87]Craig White
Needham, Lyndsey L.2007M.S. GeologyA high resolution Pennsylvanian-early Permian seawater 87Sr/86Sr curve. [QE 0673 .N44]Mark Schmitz
Fox, Jessica J.2006M.S. GeologyAnalytical Modeling of Fully Penetrating Pumping Tests at the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site for Aquifer Parameters and Wellbore Skin. [GB 1197.7 F68]Warren Barrash
Johnson, Timothy C.2006Ph.D. GeophysicsFresnel volume ground penetrating radar attenuation difference tomography and incorporating geostatistical constraints in nonlinear inverse problems. [GB 1001.72 M37 J64]Warren Barrash
Oldenborger, Greg2006Ph.D. GeophysicsAdvances in Electrical Resistivity Tomography: Modeling, Electrode Position Errors, Time-Lapse Monitoring of an Injection/Withdrawal Experiment and Solution Appraisal. [QC 0808.5 O43]Partha Routh
Vining, Melanie2006M.S. GeologyStand Dynamics and Its Relationship to Fire and Climate History in the Cottonwood Creek Drainage, Boise Front Range, Idaho. [SD 0397 C7 V56]David Wilkins
Abdelmasih, Daniella Makram Morgos2006M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Influence of Saturated Wedge Hydrodynamics on Hillslope-Stream Connectivity. [GB 0705 .I2 M67]James McNamara
Buursink, Marc2006Ph.D. GeophysicsApplication of borehole radar and Fresnel volume tomography to characterize a heterogeneous alluvial aquifer. [GB 1001.72 R32 B88]Partha Routh
Aishlin, Pamella Sarah2006M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Groundwater Recharge Estimation Using Chloride Mass Balance Dry Creek Experimental Watershed. [GB 1197.7 A39]James McNamara
Hess, Scott2006M.S. GeophysicsCharacterization of an Active Fault Zone Using the Three-Dimensional Reflection Seismic Method. [QE 606.5 U6 H468]John Bradford
Kormos, Patrick2005M.S. GeologyAccounting for time and space variations of [delta]¹⁸O in a snowmelt isotopic hydrograph separation in the Boise Front. [GB 0991 I2 K67]James McNamara
Procsal, Michael2005M.S. GeologyDevelopment of an areal snow depletion curve in the Dry Creek Experimental Watershed using MODIS Satellite Imagery and the Utah Energy Balance Snow Accumulation and Melt Model. [GB 0991 I2 P76]James McNamara
Ragan, Brian2005M.S. GeologyRill Erosion: Evidence for Adjustments in Hill-Slope Hydrology After Wildfire. [S 0623 R34]James McNamara
Rothwell, Eric2005M.S. GeologyThe Influence of Hyporheic Flow on the Temperature of a Riffle-Step-Pool Stream. [GB 1398.8 I2 R68]James McNamara
Williams, Christopher J.2005M.S. Geology Characterization of the Spatial and Temporal Controls on Soil Moisture and Streamflow Generation in a Semi-arid Headwater Catchment. [GB 1197.7 W525]James McNamara
Grant, Laura2005M.S. GeophysicsDistribution of Soil Water Dynamics in a Small Mountain Catchment. [S 0594 G73]James McNamara
Hughes, Clinton2005M.S. GeologyComparison of Empirical Relationships for Hydraulic Conductivity Using Grain Size Distribution, Packing, and Porosity Information from the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site, Boise, Idaho. [TA 0710.3 I2 H84]Warren Barrash
Titcze, Jennifer2004M.S. GeologyFracture Characterization in Fine-Grained Sedimentary Systems: Miocene Monterey Formation, California. [QE 0090 M755 T58]Walter Snyder
Udphuay, Suwimon2004M.S. GeophysicsOutcrop-Scale Ground-Penetrating Radar and Seismic Imaging of Unsaturated Lacustrine Delta Sediments. [TN 269.84 U37]Spencer Wood
Goldstein, Sarah2004M.S. GeophysicsCross-Well Radar Attenuation-Difference Tomography to Monitor a Bromide Tracer Test. [GB 1001.72 R32 G65]Michael Knoll
Hemmesch, Nikki2004M.S. GeologyThe Cisuralian Ammonoid Genus Uraloceras. [QE 0807 A5 H42]Claude Spinosa
Brand, Brittany2004M.S. GeologyStratigraphy and Origin of the Phreatomagmatic Deposits at Sinker Butte Volcano, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho. [QE 0103 B725]Craig White
Reboulet, Edward2003M.S. GeologyQuantitative analysis of unconsolidated coarse fluvial sediments from the Boise hydrogeophysical research site : statistical analysis of core and porosity data. [TA 0710.3 I2 R43]Warren Barrash
Sweet, Dustin2003M.S. GeologyThe Late Paleozoic Tectonostratigraphy of the Central Pequop Mountains, Elko County, Nevada. [QE 0654 S94]Walter Snyder
Yenko, Melissa2003M.S. GeologyHydrometric and Geochemical Evidence of Streamflow Sources in the Upper Dry Creek Experimental Watershed, Southwestern Idaho. [GB 0991 I2 Y46]James McNamara
Kerner, Dale2003M.S. GeologyLower Permian Conodont Biostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Aktasky Hills Section, Southern Ural Mountains, Kazakhstan. [QE 0899.2 C65 K47]Walter Snyder
Smith, Sara2003M.S. GeologyQuaternary Movement on An Inherited Mesozoic Structure: The Rush Peak Fault, West-Central Idaho. [QE 0104 W45 S65]Spencer Wood
Moret, Geoff2003M.S. GeophysicsP-Wave Velocity Characterization of the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site. [TN 0269.8 M67]Michael Knoll
Taylor, Tyson 2003M.S. Earth Science EducationGeo-vision, an Internet prototype tracking system for geology related information. [QE48.8 .T39 2003]Walter Snyder
Cook,Geoffrey W.2002M.S. GeologyGeology and Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks of the Menagerie Wilderness, Western Cascades, Oregon
Craig White
Dunston, Jacob2002M.S. GeologyThe pre-Cenozoic stratigraphy and structural geology of the Clearwater Canyon, Sonoma Range, Nevada : implications for the timing of Golconda thrusting. [QE 606.5 U6 D86]C.J. Northrup
Martin, Jennifer M.2002M.S. Earth Science EducationGeologic field trip for earth science teachers : bringing geologic concepts together. [QE45 .M37 2002]Walter Snyder
Best, Heather R.2002M.S. GeophysicsThe Influence of Ice on Channel Morphology of the Kuparuk River, AlaskaJames McNamara
Johnson, Frederick E.2002M.S. Earth Science EducationAn educator’s guide to impact cratering in the inner and outer solar system and scientific investigation at the secondary level. [QB775 .J64 2002]Walter Snyder
Hargett, Robert2002M.S. GeologyThe Geology of the Inskip Canyon Area, East Range, Nevada. [QE 0138 S75 H37]C.J. Northrup
Shaub, Suzanne2001M.S. GeologyLandslides and Wildfire: An Example From the Boise National Forest. [QE 0599 U5 S453]Walter Snyder
Anisimov, Ruslan2001M.S. GeologyGraphic correlation of the Pennsylvanian-lower Permian strata in Spitsbergen and Loppa High, Barents Sea : independent tool for testing regional sequence stratigraphic models. [QE 0652.55]Claude Spinosa
Borden, John2001M.S. GeologyA Comparison of Sediment Monitoring to Sediment Facies Mapping in the Middle Fork Payette River, Central Idaho. [TC 0425 P39 B67]James McNamara
Kurz, Gene A.2001M.S. GeologyStructure and Geochemistry of the Cougar Creek Complex, Northeastern Oregon and West-Central Idaho. [QE 0104 H4 K87]C.J. Northrup
Lyon Jr., Edward W.2001M.S. GeologyLate Quaternary Geochronology and Recent Faulting Along the Eastern Margin of the Shukash Basin, Central Cascade Range, Oregon. [QE 0696 L96]Spencer Wood
Bolger, Robert D.2000M.S. GeophysicsGeophysical and Geological Investigation of Sediment Boils at Chilly Buttes, IdahoJohn Pelton
Cavanagh, Brian C.2000M.S. GeologyWestern Snake River Plain, Idaho, fluvial-lacustrine sediments: exhumation estimates from mudstone compaction, unconformity identification by buried soil carbonate, hydraulic conductivity estimates from well cuttings. [QE 0471.15 M38 C38]Spencer Wood
Guilbert, Michael E.2000M.S. GeologyLithostratigraphy and permeability of Neogene deltaic, lacustrine and fluvial sediments along the northwestern margin of the western Snake River plain, Emmett and Boise, Idaho. [QE 0693.5 G85]Tamra Schiappa
Knappenberger, Marie2000M.S. GeophysicsSedimentation rates and Pacific Plate motion calculated using seismic cross-sections of the Neogene equatorial sediment bulge. [QE 039.5 P25 K55]Mitchell Lyle
Palleiko, David M.2000M.S. GeologyStructural analysis of the Pioneer thrust fault, Big and Little Fall Creek drainages, Pioneer Mountains, Blaine and Custer counties, Idaho. [QE 0535.2 I2 P35]Dave Schwarz
Baumgarten, David J.1999M.S. GeologyHydrogeologic investigation of ground water nitrate for analysis of implemented best management practices, eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho. [TD 0224 I2 B38]James Ozinsky
Carlson, Rick A.1999M.S. GeologyGeostatistical assessment and hydrogeologic implications of agricultural best management practices to reduce nonpoint source nitrate pollution southern Minidoka county, Idaho. [TD 0224 I2 C367]James Ozinsky
Dunn, Michael T.1999M.S. GeologyPalynology of the Carboniferous-Permian Boundary Stratotype, Aidaralash Creek, Kazakhstan. [QE 0946 K3 D86]Claude Spinosa
Watson, Christopher A.1999M.S. GeologyThe Evolution of Guffey Butte Tuff Cone Complex, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho. [QE 0104 O97 W38]Craig White
Klug, Sheri1998M.S. Earth Science EducationLearning of planetary science content through listserv conversations on the internet. [Q310 .K55 1998]Thel Pearson
Unsworth, Ellen B.1998M.S. Earth Science EducationAssessing the workplace skills of Boise State University biology and geoscience students. [Q147 .U57 1998]Walter Snyder
Walling, Judith A.1998M.S. GeologySand and gravel resource potential mapping in the Eagle 7 1/2-minute quadrangle : applications for land use planning. [QE104.A3 W35]Monte Wilson
Childs, Dean M.1998M.S. GeophysicsEarthquake Focal Depth-Determination Utilizing Depth-Dependent Phases Recorded at Near Regional Distances. [QE 0535.2 U6 C47]James Zollweg
Currie, Cynthia D.1998M.S. GeologyField guide for vertebrate fossils of Hagerman National Monument. [QE718 .C87 1998]Charles Waag
Gallaway, Philip J.1997M.S. GeophysicsThree-Dimensional Seismic Mapping Around Ocean Drilling Program Leg 167 Site 1019 (Site Survey CA-1): Implications for Sedimentation, Deformation and Evolution of the Eel River Basin. [QE 0039 G35]Mitchell Lyle
Hudson, William K1997M.S. Geophysics Geophysical measurements of basalt intraflow structures. [QE462.B3 H83 1997]Paul Michaels
Beukelman, Gregg S.1997M.S. GeologyEvidence of Active Faulting in the Halfway Gulch-Little Jacks Creek Area of the Western Snake River Plain, Idaho. [QE 0535.2 I2 B48]Charles Waag
Fierst, John S.1997M.S. GeologyPaleozoic Geology and Structure of the Northern Rowland Quadrangle, Northern Elko County, Nevada. [ QE 0654 F54]Walter Snyder
Jossis, Tobey E.1996M.S. Earth Science EducationStratigraphy of a Deltaic Complex in the Boise Foothills Sandstones: Applications for Environmental and Water Resource Issues. [QE 0104 A3 J67]Walter Snyder
Unsworth, Charles C.1996M.S. GeologyVolcanic-hosted Epithermal Mineralization, Dooley Summit Area, Oregon. [Y1996.U57]Craig White
Petteys, Mark P.1996M.S. GeophysicsCharacterization of Humic Substances under Varying Environmental Conditions and Investigations of Their Interactive Properties with Colloidal Hematite using Flow Field-Flow Fractionation. [S 0592.8 P48]Marty Schimpf
Bennett, Douglas J.1996M.S. GeologyAn Evaluation of Piping Through Embankment Dams. [TC 0543 B46]Spencer Wood
Bennecke, William M.1996M.S. GeophysicsBasalt Features Observed in Outcrops, Cores, Borehole Video Imagery and Geophysical Logs, and Basalt Hydro geologic Study at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Eastern Idaho. [GB 1197.7 B46]Spencer Wood
Larsen, Kelly D.1995M.S. GeologyEffects of Microbiotic Crusts on the Germination and Establishment of Three Range Grasses. [QK 0740 L37]Monte Wilson
Van Hofwegen, Dixon1995M.S. GeologyTectonic implications of Pennsylvanian and Permian conodont biostratigraphy at selected locations in the Diamond Range, White Pine and Eureka Counties, Nevada. [Y1995.V37]Walter Snyder
Dobbs, Steven W.1994M.S. GeologyStratigraphy of a Portion of the Lower Permian Dry Mountain Trough, Southern Sulphur Spring Range and Central Diamond Mountains, East-Central Nevada. [QE 0673 D6]Walter Snyder
Jackson, Suzette M.1994M.S. GeologySeismic Evidence of Conjugate Normal Faulting: the 1984 Devil Canyon Earthquake Sequence near Challis, Idaho. [QE 0535.2 I2 J3]James Zollweg
Parker, James C.1993M.S. GeophysicsExperimental observation of the seismic effect of variations in the thickness of the water-table waveguide. [TN 0269 P37]John Pelton
Schiappa, Tamra A.1993M.S. GeologySelected early Permian ammonoids from Portuguese Springs, White Pine County, Nevada. [QE807.A5 S259]Claude Spinosa
Vincent, Robert J.1993M.S. GeophysicsAzimuthal Dependence of Seismic Scattering in Upper Oceanic Crust at Ocean Drilling Program Site 418A. [QE 0511 V56]Marty Dougherty
Wang, Dechin1993M.S. GeologyConodont Biostratigraphy of the Carbon Ridge Formation Secret Canyon, Fish Creek Range, Nevada. [QE 0899.2 C65 W36]Claude Spinosa
Squires, Edward, 1992M.S. GeologyHydrogeologic Framework of the Boise Aquifer System Ada County, Idaho. [GB 1199.3 I33 S65]Spencer Wood
Amadi, Eric E.1992M.S. Geophysics1990 Nooksack Forks, Washington, Earthquake Sequence: Sequence Geometry and Temporal Characteristics. [QE 0535.2 U6 A475]James Zollweg
Bunch, Steven M.1992M.S. GeophysicsSeismic Refraction and Resistivity Imaging of Shallow Sedimentary/Volcanic Interfaces Beneath the Western Snake River Plain near Orchard, Idaho. [QE 0104 S62 B86]Paul Donaldson
Gallegos, Dora1991M.S. GeologyTectonic implication of facies patterns, Lower Permian Dry Mountain Trough, east-central Nevada. [Y1991 .G355]Claude Spinosa
Harpham, Lynda K.1991M.S. GeologyIdaho earthquakes of 1905, 1913, and 1916 : intensity, location, and magnitude inferred from newspaper accounts. [QE535.2.U6 H367]Spencer Wood
Allen, Kurt D.1990M.S. GeologyGeology and Mineralization of the Grouse Creek Au-Ag Deposit, Custer County, Idaho. [Y1990 .A44]Walter Snyder
Clemens, Drew1990M.S. GeologyVolcanic stratigraphy and geochemistry of Timber Butte, Valley and Gem Counties, west-central Idaho. [QE103 .C545 1990]Spencer Wood
Frank, Robert C.1990M.S. Earth Science EducationSelected topics from an exemplary earth science curriculum. [QE40 .F73 1990]Walter Snyder
Howarth, Robert B.1989M.S. GeophysicsGeophysics. High-resolution seismic imaging of shallow sedimentary/volcanic interfaces beneath the Western Snake River Plain near Boise, Idaho. [QE 0104 A3 H69]John Pelton
Issuree, Pamella A.1989M.S. Earth Science EducationEarth Science Education. Environmental issues and activities for the Boise area earth science classroom. [QH541.2 .I84 1989]Walter Snyder
Crowther, Derrick D.1989M.S. GeologyThe origin of folded chert horizons in the Monterey Formation, Lions Head, California. [QE471.15.C4 C76]Walter Snyder
Ettner, David C.1989M.S. GeologyStratigraphy and structure of the Devonian autochthonous rocks, north-central Carlin trend of the southern Tuscarora Mountains, Northern Eureka County, Nevada. [Y1989 .E88]Walter Snyder
Kleinschmidt, J. Michael1989M.S. GeophysicsGeohydrologic and stratigraphic applications of high-resolution seismic reflection profiling in Southeast Boise, Idaho. [QE 0104 B66 K55]John Pelton
Beem, Leigh I.1988M.S. GeologyInvestigations into fractured granite rock by detailed geologic and geophysical methods. [QE 0462 G7 B44]Spencer Wood
Lawrence, David C.1988M.S. GeologyGeology and revised stratigraphic interpretation of the Miocene Sucker Creek formation, Malheur County, Oregon. [QE156.M2 L39]Monte Wilson
Schwarz, David L.1987M.S. GeologyGeology of the Lower Permian Dry Mountain Trough, Buck Mountain, Limestone Peak, and Secret Canyon areas, east-central Nevada.[Y1987 .S34]Claude Spinosa
Johnson, Rex J.1986M.S. GeologyStructure of the Schoonnover Sequence, Independence Mountains, Nevada: Emplacement mechanisms for the Golconda allochthon. [Y1986.J63]Walter Snyder