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Journal Publications

  • Wang H, Tetzlaff D, Buttle J, Carey SK, laudon H, McNamara J, Spence C, and Soulsby C, 2018. Climate-vegetation-hydrology in northern high latitudes: assessing the influence of scale on the value of assimilation data in catchment ecohydrological studies. Science of the Total Environment, in press,
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  • Ala-aho P, Tetzlaff D, McNamara JP, Laudon H, Kormos P, and Soulsby C, 2017. Modeling the isotopic evolution of snowpack and snowmelt: testing a spatially distributed parsimonious approach. Water Resources Research,Volume 53, Issue 7Pages 5813–5830 DOI: 10.1002/2017WR020650.
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  • Evans S, , Flores A, Heilig A, Kohn M, Marshall HP, and McNamara J, 2016. Isotopic evidence for lateral flow and diffusive transport , but not sublimation, in a sloped seasonal snowpack, Idaho, USA. Geophysical Research Letters, 43, doi: 10.1002/2015GL067605.
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Theses and Dissertations

NameYearDegreeTitle [Call #]Major Adviser(s)
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Mendieta, Aida2017M.S. GeophysicsSeismic refraction and electrical resistivity tests for fracture induced anisotropy in a mountain watershedJohn Bradford
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Parham, William2015M.S. Hydrologic Science Spatial and Temporal Storage Dynamics Moderate the Ecohydrological Significance of Evapotranspiration in Semi-Arid, Mountainous TerrainJames McNamara
Richins, Shelby2014B.S Biology, College of IdahoEcology of Columbia River Redband Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri, in Dry Creek, Idaho (Lower Boise River Drainage)
Chris Walser (College of Idaho)
Boe, Erik2013M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Assessing Local Snow Variability Using a Network of Ultrasonic Snow Depth SensorsJames McNamara
Frye, Alex2013M.S. Hydrologic SciencesThe Persistence of Losing and Gaining StreamsJames McNamara
Kormos, Patrick R.2013Ph.D. GeosciencesEstimating Deep Percolation in the Mountain Rain-Snow Transition ZoneJames McNamara
Tappa, Daniel J.2013M.S. Hydrologic SciencesIsotopic Composition of Precipitation in a Topographically Complex, Seasonally Snow-Dominated Watershed: Hydrometeorological Controls and Variations from the Global Meteoric Water LineAlejandro Flores
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