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Shingle Creek Ridge

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Station Status:

Operational (One sensor under repair), Active Telemetry

Recent (Day/Week/Month/Year) data are telemetered hourly-raw data.
corrected data is available for download in the “Historical Data” tab.
General site description is available in the “Site Info” tab.

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    Shingle Creek Ridge Station

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  • weather measurement station during heavy clouds

    Shingle Creek Ridge weather station and eddy-covariance flux tower.

    DCEW Site: Shingle Creek Ridge (SCR)
    Location (Lat/Long): 43.71105, -116.09912
    Elevation: 1720 m
    Reporting Since: 2010

    Site Notes: SCR is located on a central topographically low ridge spur within the Shingle Creek headwater catchment . This headwater catchment is overall west-facing, originating on the eastern edge of Dry Creek Watershed as a perennial spring fed tributary to Dry Creek. At 1720 m elevation, SCR is located within the rain-snow transition zone for winter precipitation on the Boise Front.

    Soil at the site is primarily sandy loam, with depth varying from 0-100 cm above fractured crystalline bedrock. Vegetation includes grass, low brush, tall shrub and sparse Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir.

    This weather station was programmed and installed Fall 2010 with data collection starting September 26, 2010. Instrumentation measures the following variables: air temperature, relative humidity, snow depth, precipitation (shielded alter gage), wind speed and wind direction, soil temperature, and soil moisture. Soil sensor #1 is emplaced at 5 cm depth immediately down slope of the weather station. Additional soil sensors were installed Fall 2012 in combination with eddy-covariance flux tower installation.
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