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Soil Station: Low N-Facing

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Station Status:

Operational, Active Telemetry

Recent (Day/Week/Month/Year) data are telemetered hourly-raw data.
Corrected data is available for download in the “Historical Data” tab.
General site description is available in the “Site Info” tab.

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    Low N Facing slope

    Low N-facing slope with soil measurement station.

  • Low N Facing station

    Low N-facing soil measurement station.

    DCEW Site: Low N-facing site (LN)
    Location (Lat/Long): 43.6892464, -116.1696892
    Elevation: 1120 m
    Reporting Since: 2008

    Site Notes: Low N-facing site (LN) was established as one of eight sites in a paired north vs. south facing hill slope soil measurement network within DCEW. It is paired with site Low S-facing (LS) as the low elevation measurement component of this eight site network and is adjacent to the Lower weather station wherein water years 2008-2011 averaged 392 mm precipitation. Winter snowfall is rare at this site, with accumulation generally less that 0.5 meters occurring (December-March).

    Soil at this forested site includes 52-37-11 sand-silt-clay for < 2mm weight percentages, approximately 70 cm deep above fractured crystalline bedrock. Vegetation is grass, forb and brush with proximal deciduous shrubs.

    Soil moisture and temperature is measured in four adjacent pits with quadrilateral separation at 3 meters. In each of the four pits ECH2O EC-TM sensors are emplaced at 2, 15 and 30 cm depth with a fourth sensor placed just above bedrock to provide synchronous soil moisture and temperature measurement.