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Station Status:

Operational, No active telemetry

Corrected data is available for download in the “Historical Data” tab.
General site description is available in the “Site Info” tab.

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    measurement sticks for river height

    Con1East stream gauge.

  • high desert valley

    Con1East vegetation and relief

    DCEW Site: Con1East
    Location (Lat/Long): 43.7181614, -116.1372986
    Elevation: 1335 m
    Reporting Since: 2004

    Site Notes: Confluence 1 East is several meters upstream of confluence with an unnamed tributary draining southeastward from the northwest ridgeline of Dry Creek Experimental Watershed. Instrumentation at this site provides continuous in-stream water level, stream temperature and conductivity measurement. On site measurement of stream discharge compared against site staff gauge height provides a current rating curve validated or updated numerous times annually. This rating curve is used to output continuous discharge data. Water samples have been collected at this site for analysis at weekly to monthly intervals since 2004, initially for major ions but more recently for major cations and oxygen isotopes. Stream flow at this site is perennial.