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Minor in Geophysics

Geophysics Minor

The minor in Geophysics provides the opportunity for students from outside the geosciences to apply the physics, quantitative, and technical skills they are developing in their major program to the geophysical aspects of the Earth sicences, including natural hazards, siesmology, volcanology, groundwater, and natural resource exploration. The minor will prepare students for graduate programs in geophysics and/or employment opportunities in the environmental and exploration industries.

Required Course (14 credits)

  • GEOS 100 Fundamentals of Geology or GEOS 101 Global Environmental Science
  • GEOS 220 Seeing the Unseen
  • GEOS 343 Applied Geophysics
  • GEOS 420 GEophysical Applications of Digital Signal Processing

Electives (choose two of the following; 6 credits)

  • GEOS 365 Yellowstone GEophysics
  • GEOS 366 Avalanche Fundamentals
  • GEOS 419 Borehole Geophysics
  • GEOS 422 Data Analysis and Geostatistics
  • GEOS 465 Seismic Methods

For more information, contact: Karen Viskupic (Geosciences) | | (208) 426-2390