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Minor in Climate Studies

Climate Studies Minor

The Climate Studies minor aims to help students understand past, current and future changes in climate and the effects of climate change on Earth’s atmospheric, biologic, hydrologic and ecologic systems. This minor will include the interactions among physical and human systems, and prepare students to address the grand challenges associated with global climate change. This minor provides needed preparation for students joining the workforce to understand the causes of climate change, how climate change will affect businesses, agriculture, and forest resources, and how to best prepare for the future.

Required Courses (15 credits)

  • GEOS 100 Fundamentals of Geology or GEOS 101 Global Environmental Science
  • GEOS 212 Water in the West
  • GEOS 305 Global Climate CHange
  • GEOS 470 Grand Challenges: Addressing Environmental Change

Electives (choose two of the following; 5-6 credits)

  • BIOL 416 Microbial Ecology
  • BIOL 422 Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 435 Ecosystem Ecology
  • GEOG 213 Atmosphere and Weather
  • GEOG 331 Climates of the Past
  • GEOS 201 Introduction to Oceanography
  • GEOS 366 Avalanche Fundamentals
  • GEOS 367 Snow Science Field Methods
  • GES 220 Complex Systems and Sustainability
  • HES 400 Foundations in Human-Environmental Systems Science

For more information, contact: Karen Viskupic (Geosciences) | | (208) 426-2390