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Trace Analytical Laboratory

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The Trace Analytical Laboratory Facility provides analytical services to Boise State faculty and students as well as non-Boise State clients and collaborators.

The facility is equipped with a suite of analysis tools for interrogating aqueous and solid phase environmental samples. Specific capabilities include: aqueous major, minor and trace metal analysis to the ppt level (Quadrupole ICP-MS, Ion Chromatography), investigation of solids (ranging from bird feathers to mineral grains) using laser-based methods (LA-ICP-MS), soil and other solid characterization of carbon and nitrogen content (Flash EA), and nutrient quantification using automated wet chemistry methods (Lachat Auto Analyzer). The facility is also able to perform a suite of solid phase digestions and leaches using microwave, flux and Parr bomb methods.

Additional details of the LA-ICP-MS methods and instrumentation for in situ U-Pb geochronology and trace element analysis can be found at the Isotope Geology Laboratory website.


For further detail on capabilities and rates, please contact, Dr. Shawn Benner, Laboratory Director.