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Department of Geosciences

  • Faculty Award winners
    Outstanding Graduates, Past and Future

  • Student and NASA Robot Grover in Greenland
    Research at the Ends of the Earth

  • Snow scientists in the Alps
    Snow Science Study in Alps, Austria

  • Students and faculty with locals in Benin
    Geoscientists Without Borders: Boise State & Benin

  • NASA Robot Grover
    NASA Grover Addresses Greenland’s Massive Ice Sheet Questions

  • Students at graduation
    MS Hydrologic Sciences Graduates (Spring 2012)

  • Researchers at mountain watershed
    Research at Dry Creek Experimental Watershed

  • Environmental Research Building
    Environmental Research Building: Department’s New facilities

  • Students in the field
    The World is Our Laboratory

  • Geophysical Methods in Benin
    Benin: Geophysical Methods to Resolve Groundwater Problems

  • Students participating in experiment

  • Students at field camp

A Message from the Chair Welcome to this information source for the Boise State Department of Geosciences. I encourage you explore these pages to learn about our discipline and our community of scholars …(read more from the department chair).Jim McNamara, Professor and Chair

Who we are

An educational community that creates and disseminates knowledge about Earth’s processes and properties for students, scientists, and the public to help create a scientifically informed society, and to enable students to achieve their professional goals.

Who is welcome here

Anyone who is motivated by his/her passion for science, who values diversity of perspective, and who believes that critical thinking and dialogue promote the wise stewardship of our planet. If this describes you, we want you, regardless of where you come from, what you look like, or what you believe.

Our Discipline

We study the geology, geophysics, and surface dynamics of Earth using a platform of analytical facilities, computational resources, experimental sites, and measurement systems.


The physical and chemical properties of rocks that make up the solid earth and the processes responsible for their origin and evolution.


The integration of geology, mathematics, and physics to understand the Earth’s properties.

Surface Dynamics:

The hydrological, geomorphological, and ecological processes responsible for shaping Earth’s surface and maintaining Earth’s ecosystems.

Department News